Rubber Lining Ball Mills

Producing different kinds of lifter balls and shell plates used in bar and ball mills for mines and industries such as tile, cement, and so on.

After many years of producing different kinds of lifter balls and shell plates used in bar and ball mills in the mining and industry sectors such as tile and cement production, this company has reached a standard level in both quality and price.

That is, owing to our knowledge and experience in international markets, we have not only reached a standard level of product quality but also offer the most competitive price for our products, partly due to the existing currency exchange rates and low cost of production, land, and labor. Many of our clients have therefore been able to offer competitive prices in the market by cutting their production costs with our help.

Our products are abrasion resistant and equipped with high technology and can be used in a wide variety of mills.

A sketch or outline of the mills or a sample of the worn-out parts is all that is needed to enable this company to design and produce custom parts in the shortest time and with the highest possible quality in the market.

Design Department:

The Design Department of this company cooperates closely with the R&D Department and is run by some of the most experienced designing engineers. As one of the main departments of this company, the Design Department meets all the designing and supporting needs of the Moulding Department. We have learned from experience that using different designs of profiles with different thicknesses in ball mill liners can help us to achieve the best conditions for grinding soil in ball mills with different ceramic and steel pallets. The different types of rubber used in ball mills are designed to be highly resistant to friction and maintain elasticity with various hardness levels based on the dimensional stability of parts against pallets and materials under process in ball mills.

Molding Department:

Our Moulding Department possesses the most advanced equipment for producing molds and metal parts. Being supported by the Design Department, the Moulding Department designs and builds the requested molds after revision and final confirmation of the technical maps of ball mill liners. This department has enabled SAF Trading Co. to build and produce different designs of rubber liners in the shortest possible time.


Benefiting from modern equipment and state-of-the-art technology, SAF Trading Co. is leading the market of rubber parts and has strived to deliver all of its products under close supervision and with consistent quality. The Production Department specializes in producing rubber liners for ball mills. The company delivers all product orders in the shortest possible time and with the highest quality. The production line of this company operates round-the-clock, not only supplying regular orders but storing different types of rubber liners in the warehouse.

Rubber Lining Ball Mills